5.11 ATAC 6″ Boot – Review

When it comes to this line of work (law enforcement, private security, fugitive recovery, etc.), footwear is an important item in your equipment arsenal. In the end, I’m pretty sure that most people want as much bang for their buck as possible. You want something that is going to last but not break the bank.

After wearing the 5.11 ATAC 6″ boots for over a year now (and apparently logging over 1000 miles of walking/running in them), I feel that I can give my honest review and opinion on them. 


  • They take Kiwi and Lincoln wax easily and they’re easy to get a nice shine.
  • While not the lightest boots that I’ve worn, they are still pretty light and comfortable.
  • Hasn’t completely fallen apart on me yet; I am extremely hard on boots and shoes, so the fact that these have lasted this long is a good thing.
  • Slip-resistant and I don’t have to worry about them marring or marking flooring.
  • Zipper still hasn’t failed yet! That is a big plus for me. I can’t recall how many boots that I’ve had to mess with in order to fix the stupid side zipper.


  • The ‘quick lace’ or ‘speed lace’ hooks at the top of the boot tend to bend in towards the leg, causing the washers on the black side of the hooks to become uncomfortable with thinner socks.
  • The fourth ‘eyelet’ on my left boot ended up coming unriveted and broke off. Apparently, I sinch down my laces too much. 
  • The factory insole seemed to only last me around 6-7 months; I ended up replacing them with Dr. Scholl’s PRO Heavy Duty insoles and everything has been a-okay since.
  • The interior material (lining) isn’t holding up as well as I would have hoped. You can definitely see where your foot rubs in the boot and in one area, moleskin had to be applied to the inside of the boot because the padding was completely worn away.

All in all, for $100 (USD), they were not a bad purchase. I didn’t have to try and do any crazy break in steps (like I have with some of my Corcoran boots) and they have held up to my occupational demands. 

Would I buy these again? Most likely, however, I will probably go back to my Altama Ripple Sole boots (if they’re still selling them). It’s nothing really against 5.11 or their boots, I just really like the ability to send my stuff out and have them resoled if I need to.

If you have a story to share about these boots, feel free to drop it in the comment box below!

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