Grunt Slang

When it comes to the military, we definitely have some interesting terminology and slang that is used on a pretty frequent basis. Here is our list of terms and slang words that we’ve picked up over the years. Keep in mind that there are tons more out there that are not going to be on this list. If you have something that you want to add that wasn’t covered in this list, drop it in the comment section.

Disclaimer: Due to some complaints revolving around the UK, I had to ‘filter’ some of the terminology that is posted below.

Viewer discretion is advised. May contain harsh and/or vulgar language.

Window Licker – A derogatory term for a dumb a**.

Mouth Breather – A derogatory term for a dumb a**.

F**k Stick – Should be pretty self-explanatory.

F**k – A versatile word that can be used as a noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, and interjection. Can be used multiple times in the same sentence. 

MOFO – Shortened, less offensive version of Mother F**ker.

Cluster F**k (aka Charlie Foxtrot) – Complete chaos and disorder.

Gaggle F**k – Same as Cluster F**k.

No Go – Fail or Failure.

Move with a Purpose – Opposite of lollygagging or moving slowly.

Sl*t Muffin – A derogatory term for a dumb a**.

C*ck Nazi – A derogatory term for a dumb a**.

Break it down Barney Style – Attempting to explain something in the simplest of terms so that even the brain dead could understand it.

Write it in Crayon – Same as breaking it down Barney Style.

Unf**k (or unf**k yourself) – Get yourself together and stop being a screw-up.

Una** – Get out of an area, typically without disturbing/touching anything.

Sh*t Stick – Typically a derogatory name for one who has just screwed over someone else.

F**k-f**k Games – Mind games.

FTL/FTU – Fat, Tired and Lazy. Fat, Tired and Useless.

High Speed – Top notch, excellent (typically used with sarcasm).

Sh*t Bird – Derogatory name for one who is not squared away.

Squared Away – Cleaned up, by the book, ready for inspection.

Serious as a Heart Attack – pretty self explanatory. 

Buddy F**ker (Bravo Foxtrot) – a fellow soldier that throws others under the bus and screws them over.

F**ktard – Combination of f**king retard.

Tw*t waffle – A derogatory term for a dumb a**.

Stay in your lane – Mind your own business.

D*ckbeaters – One’s Hands. I.e. Keep your d*ckbeaters off of my stuff. 

Tracking (or tracking like a freight train) – Understanding one’s orders or speech.

Bravo Sierra – Bull Sh*t.

Broke D*ck – Someone on a medical profile and can’t do much.

ID10T Fluid (or Form) – A form of a wild goose chase. Stands for idiot fluid or idiot form.

TOP – First Sergeant.

DAT – Dumb A** Tanker.

0 Dark Thirty (or Zero Dark Thirty) – Very early in the morning.

DILLIGAF – Does it look like I give a f**k?

FNG – F**king New Guy (or Girl).

BCGs – Birth Control Glasses, thick-rimmed glasses that were given out to those in basic training.

Embrace the Suck – Stop complaining and accept the situation.

Behoove – Duty or Responsibility to do something.

LEG – Low Energy Grunt – Non-Airborne qualified soldier.

POG – Person other than Grunt.

Donkey D*ck – Detachable Gas Can Nozzle.

Retread – One that had to be retrained or recycled during training (such as Basic training or AIT).

Sham Shield – Rank of an E-4 Specialist.

Kiwi Injection – Used by us ‘old school’ soldiers to describe putting a boot up someone’s a** (and/or lighting a fire under someone)

E4 Mafia – A group of tight-knit (E-4) Specialists that will cover for each other.

Balls to the Walls – To move as fast as possible.

Full Bird Private – A Private that acts like an important person or acts like they know everything.

BFE (Bravo Foxtrot Echo) – Bum F**k Egypt – location in the middle of nowhere.

Big Green Dick (or Big Green Weenie) – The one that gets crammed up your ass whenever the government screws you over.

Bravo Zulu – Well done, Good job. Typically used by Navy personnel.

RBBSFBH (Really Big B*tches Suck Fast But Hard) – Used to remember first aid casualty sequence. Literally translates to: Responsiveness, Breathing, Bleeding, Shock, Fractures, Burns, Head Injuries.

Chair Force – Derogatory term for Air Force.

Moped – A person that you would like to have s*x with but wouldn’t brag or tell anyone about it. Playoff of everyone wanting to ride a moped (at least once) but wouldn’t admit it.

C*ck Holster – One’s mouth, i.e. Shut your c*ck holster.

C*m Dumpster – Same as C*ck Holster.

Nasty Girl – National Guardsman.

C*nt Hair – Very small measurement.

Oscar Mike – On the Move.

Lima Charlie – Loud and Clear.

Desert Fox – Person that looks more attractive than usual because of being deployed.

40 Mike Mike – 40mm Grenade, used in the M203 grenade launcher.

FUBAR – F**ked up beyond all recognition.

BOHICA – Bend over, here it comes again.

Ma Deuce – M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun.

Shut up and Color – Telling someone to stop complaining while treating them as a child.

Ate Up (or ate up like soup sandwich) – Not squared away, looks like crap.

Silver Bullet – Rectal thermometer. Used on possible heat casualties. 

If you have something that you want to add that wasn’t covered in this list, drop it in the comment section.

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