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Let’s Talk about the Elephant – A Review Disclaimer

A few months ago, I decided to create this blog in an attempt to cover the multiple topics that we’ve covered on forums across the interwebs. While posting information and some of our input/opinions on forums in the past was helpful to others, it did take a decent amount of time to post said information across multiple platforms. On top of this, it also felt like we had to constantly keep reiterating some of the same information when, in reality, we shouldn’t have had to. This blog, to us, is a way to condense all of the information that we use to post into one central location. Since we have moved to one location for posting our opinions, reviews, tips, tricks, and insight, I feel that it is only proper and professional to explain our standpoint of how we operate. 

When it comes to reviews of products, equipment, firearms, accessories, duty gear, clothing, et cetera, we will review those items based solely on our experiences and nothing more. Our goal to you is to be as honest and as transparent as possible. After all, one of the main reasons for this media outlet is to help you either learn from our mistakes or help steer you towards something that is worth spending your hard earned money on. 

To me, nothing is more aggravating than having to scroll through pages upon pages of reviews in an attempt to figure out what is honest and what is not. We want you to understand that even if we are able to procure a review sample from a company or manufacturer, we will not let that influence our review of the product. 

In layman’s terms, if it’s garbage, it is garbage and if it earns our praises, then you better believe that it is a product that we will use ourselves. 

I feel that constructive criticism is a good thing and if it leads to a manufacturer improving a product or a process, it makes the criticism even better. We’re not here to just praise or bad mouth companies or manufacturers. But we also refuse to lower our personal standards of integrity to push a product on behalf of a company. 

In addition, while we are not “fanboys” (or girls) of particular brands, we do have products that we personally buy on a regular basis from one brand or another. But other than our purchasing experience on a product, we are not affiliated or bound to buy/promote one product over another, nor will we go down that road.

In closing, we consider this an open forum to any and all readers that come across this page. We do value your feedback and experience when it comes to products and equipment that we mention; we also value your feedback on everything that we post. We will do everything that we can to give you honest and truthful opinions on things and we will do everything that we can to try to prevent people from falsely posting slanted opinions on those topics. 

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