You do not want the scared and the timid!

“In a world of wolves, you do not want to be the sheep.”

I know that the above quote seems a little brash but to be honest, it is something that more people should think about. If you look at crime statistics from across the globe, the number of “wolves” that are in operation may surprise most civilians. When you talk about law enforcement and private security/protective services, those numbers really come into play.

What is the actual role of security personnel?

First off, security personnel are not concierges and should not be treated as such. By definition, security is ‘to guard against espionage or sabotage, crime, attack, or escape’ and also provide ‘freedom from danger, fear or anxiety’. The role of private security should be, foremost, 

  1. Provide safety over individuals (employees and customers) under the scope of your contract.
  2. Prevent and/or assist in the prevention of crime(s) against the individuals and/or property under the scope of your contract.
  3. Provide assistance to individuals in need until First Responders can arrive at the scene.
  4. Assist First Responders by relaying accurate and factional information related to an incident or crime.
  5. Provide insight into improving operations to better serve points 1-4.
  6. Provide knowledge and assistance to individuals in need.

At no point in time should the aforementioned be misconstrued to imply that security personnel is on the same level as law enforcement personnel, that they hold the same duties, responsibilities or authorities. However, the ideology and perception that security personnel are (or should be) untrained, unknowledgeable and meek is the exact concept that will most likely get you into more trouble than its worth. 

“We don’t want our officers to look intimidating…”

I hear this phrase used more often in the world of private security over law enforcement but I have heard it uttered from ranking members within departments on more than a few occasions.

Personally, I feel that this concept is being regurgitated by those who do not know what they are doing (within this field) and unfortunately, it is being perpetrated at an alarming rate. You typically have a director or CEO of a security company (or retail business with their own integrated security/loss prevention) who thinks that looking intimidating is a bad thing; it is bad for business and it may prevent people from conducting business or meaningfully engaging with security personnel; this is completely absurd.

If you reference the opening quote of this op-ed, the concept of being surrounded by wolves (sometimes in sheep’s clothing) is very real. Hiring meek, timid and insecure individuals who are not being provided with the tools required to address the six previously mentioned roles will indeed prevent your personnel from fulfilling said roles. 

Allow me to place things into perspective. You or someone that you know has most likely experienced this at some time while growing up as a child. For me, while I was going through my rebellious stage, there were only two things that really prevented me from doing something that I shouldn’t have been doing, 1. I didn’t know how to do something, 2. Fear of getting in trouble with my father. 

The first point was considered the learning curve; I didn’t know how to do X, Y, Z, so I refrained from doing anything until I knew more about it. The second point was fear and intimidation; the thought of getting caught doing something stupid and the fallout that would result. Knowing the aftermath and having a good idea of how my half Irish, half German father would react to my shenanigans. Either I would completely refrain from doing whatever half concocted plan that I had or I would do what I could to avoid the potentially ‘painful’ aftereffect of my parents finding out. 

Humans are the most complex, invasive and destructive species on this planet.

Let me say that again, Humans are the most complex, invasive and destructive species on this planet. This is true when it comes to the environment, crime, lust, greed, envy, and wrath. A good number of people 

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